AVEVA Day in Qingdao Makes a Point of Leveraging Data and Insights to Spark Quality Development

Qingdao, China – 23 February 2023: AVEVA, a global leader in industrial software, recently staged its highly anticipated AVEVA Day China in Qingdao with tremendous success. Taking the current and future trends of the industrial word into consideration, the event has set its theme as “Leveraging data and insights to spark quality development”.

From February 16 to 17, industrial leaders and experts from the domestic chemicals, energy and electricity sectors came together in Qingdao to share, learn, and inspire one another. During the two-day event, AVEVA connects participants within the industrial community, so they can stay up to date on the latest innovations in industrial software from the aspects of industry research planning and application practices. They can also see and hear how digital innovation drives sustainability and business growth by unlocking the power of data.

The participants had a lot of food for thought from the presentations of keynote speakers including XU Chunming, fellow of Chinese Academy of Sciences; XIONG Yi, senior vice-president and head of strategy and business development of Schneider Electric SA's China unit; XU Jian, Director of Digital Design Department of Metallurgical Division, China ENFI; XUE Xujin, Vice General Manager, Do-Fluoride New Materials Co., Ltd.; JIANG Chonglong, Managing Director of Accenture Greater China, Head of Industrial X Business; HUA Laizhen, Chief Engineer, Digital Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd; CAO Chunzhen, China Technical Manager, BASF as well as experts from AVEVA China.

In addition, AVEVA signed strategic cooperation framework agreements with China University of Petroleum, Xinte Energy and LyondellBasell, expanding the industrial ecosystem and supporting high-quality application-oriented talents.

Emon Zaman, Senior Vice President – Asia Pacific of AVEVA, said: “We see escalating resurgence from the industrial sector as we are shrugging off the impact of the pandemic. As growth returns, the need for digital thinking is more important than ever for a company to drive success.”

“Companies are operating in a complex marketplace that is characterized by contradicting operational challenges. There is the growing focus on sustainability. There are supply chain challenges. And there is the need for enterprises of all sizes to gather, organize and derive insights from their data so that they can empower their teams to make agile decisions that advance their competitive advantage,” he said.

“AVEVA industrial software, enriched with sector-specific AI, enables companies to gather, organize and derive insights from their data so that they can take advantage of the opportunities of our connected world. By sharing data with suppliers, partners and customers, companies can collaborate more efficiently, drive deeper efficiencies and reduce waste throughout their value chain. We call this phenomenon the connected industrial economy and we believe it is set to transform how companies operate worldwide, and here in China, increasing value and agility for businesses in diverse sectors,” he said.          

WAN Shiping General Manager of AVEVA China, said: “The life blood of a connected industrial economy is data. Nowadays a company would have an influx of data from a variety of sources. Ongoing garnering of such data and fully unleashing its power with innovative managerial know-how are key to quality development, as well as driving sustainability at the same time. This is where digital twin offered by AVEVA comes into play.”

“With digital twin, people who used to work in discrete groups are now coming together. They are using the shared data as a basis to drive deep insight and identify even greater innovation through close collaboration. As a result, a company can design, operate, and optimize performance through the living data in the digital twin,” he said.

“Through the fully connected applications of the digital twin, the data management solutions of AVEVA can cover the entire life circle of the entire portfolio of a company’s assets,” Wan said.

XU Chunming, fellow of Chinese Academy of Sciences, said: “Climate change is a major challenge facing the world today, and carbon emission reduction is imminent. Energy structure transformation is fundamental. From ‘dual control system’ on energy consumption and energy intensity to ‘dual control system’ on total carbon emission and intensity, it is conducive to accelerating the transformation of energy structure. ‘Dual control’ must be scientific, and digitization and intelligence are of great significance and value to industrial development and transformation. Taking hydrogen energy and fuel cells as an example, in the manufacturing process, digital technology can more effectively improve the production efficiency of hydrogen production, storage, transportation and use. At the same time, the quality control, safety protection and environmental protection capabilities can be more effectively improved through the digital monitoring of the Internet of Things and networked intelligent monitoring.”      

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